Yesterday, 29.12.2009, back from work, in the evening, at about 7.30 PM, out on a personal errand, lost deeply in thought, I crossed over what looked like cable wires on the ground. Hardly did I make the final leap, when I heard voices yelling at me from both the left and right sides. The one on the left came running towards me from the K.E.B. repair jeep (an engineer) and the one on the right was a customer from the corner shop.

It took only a few seconds for me to realize that I had just walked over a live high-tension wire, which had snapped some time ago when a truck with a huge consignment passing that way, brushed with the hanging wires. Both the men were agitated and me …. just dumbstruck, not knowing what to do or say. I had miraculously escaped being electrocuted; a few microseconds and I would have had my DATE with FATE yesterday.

I would have just become HISTORY, slipped into OBLIVION what with Dr. Vishnuvardhan’s sad demise a few hours later. With the whole country (other parts of the world too) mourning for him, no one would even have glanced at the OBITUARY column nor read the small piece of news in the third page of the newspaper about some lady being electrocuted.

My thoughts took me to the mid-morning tea break, when I was cribbing to two of my lady colleagues about personal losses in life, how I had never got what I had always wanted….blah blah blah.

I had been very MEAN, SELF-CENTERED, UNGRATEFUL and EGOISTIC then. NOW, I realize that my LIFE and everyone else’s too has got a MEANING. EVERY thing, every person, every relationship, every action, every reaction……..has got a meaning.

I ACCEPT and APPRECIATE this BEAUTIFUL LIFE. HE (The Almighty) has subtly reminded me that come RAIN or SHINE, HE’S ALWAYS THERE. We just tend to IGNORE and FORGET.



Oh!!!!! For a little space…….

He walked down majestically down the stairs one at a time and just stopped at the landing overlooking the dining area. I looked up by chance from the dining table and our eyes met. Both were no less surprised. Me, afraid that he’d lunge at my breakfast…….soft, fluffy idlis with tomato-onion chutney which I had been relishing. With just an hour and a half to go for the exams.
And he, fear clearly depicted in his eyes of being chased away mercilessly……..
I screamed to our neighbour’s gardener…..”Ramaiah!!!!!!!! yelli idira?????”
“Maney olagade kothi badhidhe…….!!!”
My better half came out from somewhere and my progeny having finished finished her bath just then came out curiously “what, what, where, where???????”
The intruder didn’t know the way out and I couldn’t fathom how he’d got into the house in the first place.
The hubby irked by my panic, yelled……”Open the side door.”
What presence of mind, I’d say. Not to say the least of mine either.
But, how’d you lead him out?????????
I saw a banana on the dining table. Just waved it at the ‘guest’, taunting and tempting him to it and placed it a metre away from the side door.
My brainy guest, with eyes focussed on the fruit, leapt at it, grabbed it at one shot and was out of the door before we could say another word.
But, why did they intrude into our homes?????????? Which they had been doing quite often of late???
All, but for a little space. Having been deprived of their green space, these monkeys….. mammas, pappas, puttas, putties, tuntas and tuntis……families of them…….
OH! GIVE ME A LITTLE SPACE……..!!!!!!!!!!

My Ode to Woman…

Welcomed into the world, with a sigh

Oh!!! How I wish you were a guy

Boxed by big bro for rummaging his bureau…

Slapped by sis on the cheeks for not being neat…

She learns

She earns

Sweetheart says, ‘Add currency…’

Husband says, ‘U bloody well listen to me…’

She sweeps

She weeps

She’s just an unheard voice amidst four walls…

She’s been told to be bold

Yet, she screams for her dreams…

She yells, but chills you & thrills you with the frills

She’s Adored…She’s deplored

She’s Loved…She’s Lusted

She’s raped…She’s molested

She pines…yet she SHINES.

She’s your…WOMAN

The MIGHT behind all FIGHTS

The STRENGTH behind all BENDS…